Communication with Parents

Chesterton Primary aims to be a paperless school wherever possible.

Texts and E-Mails

The office will send out text messages with key information and will let you know when newsletters and letters have been e-mailed.

Phone Calls

You will receive a phone call if a member of staff needs to speak to you regarding your child.



You are asked to call the school office in the morning before 9am if you know your child will be absent – this is so we know your child is safe. If the office have not heard from you regarding your child’s absence then they will ring to ensure your child is safe.

The school uses an attendance service who will follow up absences if we do not know the whereabouts of your child. This is good safeguarding practice.


Class Dojo is a first point of communication with parents on a day-to-day basis and can be accessed on your phone or computer. You can choose to have your notifications on or off.

Your account will be set up by the class teacher and you will be invited to join.

Class Dojo is a good system to promote positive behaviours in the classroom and to strengthen lines of communication between school and home.

The class teacher will give you information about the curriculum and send photographs and use the ‘class story’ as a means of keeping you up-to-date.

School story will share whole school news and provide updates that all parents can see.

Each class has an avatar assigned to each child in the class.

The teacher awards points known as ‘dojos’ in ‘my classroom’, for positive or negative behaviour. You only see your child’s information.

Class Dojo has 'positive' class values that teachers choose from and this will vary from class to class depending on the age and stage. Children who gain the most green dojos in a week will be given a class certificate.


Children receive an amber warning in class if they are not following the behaviour policy. This is for the teacher to follow the behaviour system and it gives your child the opportunity to put their behaviour right and to move back to green.

A red means parents are notified and this will be explained on a message or a phone call depending on the severity of the issue.