Learning Together, Growing Together, Succeeding Together

English is everything! It provides the children with the crucial knowledge, skills and understanding to make sense of their learning.

We want our children to be passionate about reading. We want them to read for pleasure and make choices about their own reading: this will come from experiencing high quality texts in the classroom through exposure to a range of reading opportunities.

We want our children to be enthusiastic writers. We will do this by giving the children the crucial knowledge they need so they can write with accuracy and, equally as importantly, confidence.

We will expose our children to a wide range of vocabulary so that they able to develop their spoken and written language and communicate well.

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  • Children can talk about the texts they have read with enthusiasm to each other and visitors
  • They know their own likes and dislikes and can explain why
  • They can recommend books to others and talk about favourite authors
  • They show confident reading strategies whatever their stage of learning through effective phonics and word building skills
  • They know what to do when they encounter new vocabulary


  • Children have solid building blocks from clear delivery of crucial knowledge
  • Books show progression in skills and content
  • SPaG is secure and children are working at an age appropriate level
  • Quality is as important as quantity and teacher marking identifies the next steps to support steady progress

Speaking and Listening

  • Children speak with confidence in a variety of situations and can articulate their thoughts and feelings
  • They can talk about their learning and know what is important
  • They hold conversations that are interesting
  • They listen to each other and they are able to respond to others’ thoughts and opinions